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Ivory O'Rourke, MA 

Psychological Assistant (PSB94023575) 


I have always been intrigued by human behavior and I enjoy helping others find their inspiration and motivation in life. The field of psychology has exposed me to many cultural and environmental prisms, thus makes every client unique and special. My passion lies in assisting individuals and families being the best they can possibly be and bring about healthy change. 

I utilize multiple theoretical orientations to fit the clients need in therapy, however I always look from a family systems perspective whether treating a family or an individual. It is my believe we are all products of our family unit. The use of my multicultural lens and different theoretical orientations has guided me throughout my profession. 

My professional background consists of a B.A. from Argosy University with a major in Psychology. A Masters in the field of Psychology from The California School of Professional Psychology and I am currently finishing my last year of obtaining my PsyD. in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Multicultural Community Psychology. I am presently doing my internship at Centro Bienestar Familiar, The Center for Family Wellness. I strive to be a successful practitioner and understand each client’s interpretation of their own unique human condition.

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