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Sponsored Events

Free tutoring at our Van Nuys site.

We offer free tutoring services for Elementary through High School Students. We welcome all children and teenagers to come and get assistance with their homework or school projects.  The tutors are college students or graduates who possess academic knowledge and skills to assist students with their homework and projects.  The tutor services are provided on Saturday from 10am to 1pm in the Van Nuys site. 

Group Therapy for Women Survivors of Domestic Violence.

Every Saturday we offer group therapy for women and their children who have been victims of domestic violence and child abuse. Our groups are centered around creating a comfortable, safe, and corrective experience where participants can begin their healing process, learn about the complexity of domestic abuse, empower them to prevent future abuse, raise their self-esteem, and develop effective coping abilities to deal with life stressors.

Free Parent Education Workshops.

We offer free parent-education workshops at local public schools. Our goal is to provide basic information and effective parenting skills to parents who face great challenges on raising children and teenagers.  The topics cover a wide range of parenting issues including how to improve the communication with their children, empower parents to participate in their children's education, child developmental stages (what's normal and signs for problems), substance abuse, common barriers that impact children's healthy development, and other related topics.  The workshops are FREE and all parents are welcome.  Please contact the agency to learn about upcoming workshops.

Annual Christmas Toy Drive

We believe that every child should have a fun and exciting Christmas, which includes having presents.  We work with low-income families that face dire financial conditions--sometimes they can not even afford to buy a present for their children.  We have made a pledge that we will provide a gift to each child/teenager in our agency.  Every year, we give out over 100 new toys (wrapped gifts) to the children and teenagers participating in our programs.  We also provide food baskets, gift cards and cash donations to the families in most need during Christmas.  

For more information about our free services call: (818)336-6441

Office Events

Office Staff

Christmas Party 2016

Office Staff

Christmas Party 2014

Staff In Service Training

CAPIC Conference


Our Annual Christmas Video

Healing Across Boarders

Partnering with other health specialists to offer free psychological and health services to poor communities and US Army Veterans in Tijuana Mexico...


Conference presentations, expert witness, supervision and training, media guest speaker, and workshops.

An Interview Regarding Domestic Violence

A message from Dr. Corena regarding TPS.

Un Mensaje Sobre el TPS de Parte Del Dr. Jose Corena

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