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This agency specializes on providing psychological and case management services to abused/traumatized victims and their families. We are a group of mental health professionals with multiple specialties including: 

  • Psycholgical/emotional disorders 

  • Relational problems and marriage conflicts

  • Psychiatric disorders 

  • Substance abuse

  • Family problems and parenting issues

Our Mission

Centro De Bienestar Familiar is a community-based agency that provides psychological treatment, education, training, and community outreach services to the underserved population in the greater Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley.  We offer bilingual and bi-cultural services with specialized treatments in trauma recovery.

Our Vision

We are committed to meeting the needs of the underserved population, vulnerable children, traumatized and victims of violent crimes, and anyone struggling with psychological and /or interpersonal conflicts. The center uses programs that are innovative, effective, evidence-based and culturally sensitive. The model treatment emphasizes a biopsychosocial approach with the collaboration and participation of the individual, family, school personnel, government institutions, and other community-based programs.


Best Practice: Everyone involved in the center is responsible and committed to maintained the highest standard of care and best practices in any and all services provided to the clients and their families.  We focus on one client/family at a time with a comprehensive assessment and individualized treatment plan.


Innovation: The leadership team of the center is dedicated to updating the best treatment modalities and practices that are supported by research evidence and are appropriate to the population served.


Commitment: Each employee, volunteer, and associate of the center is committed to treating each client and their families with dignity, professionalism, respect, and the best possible service.


Community Empowerment: The success of each individual and their families is not just measured by overcoming the presenting problems, but also by their abilities to cope with future problems and access the necessary services available in their communities.


Diversity: The center values and celebrates cultural and ethnical diversity in its clients, employees, associates and the communities it serves.


Outcome: Services are designed and performed using evidence-based treatments that produce measurable outcomes. 

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